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Collaborating labels

some of the music you can find on the Hub has been providade by an ever growing list of labels who collaborate with us and regularly update us with music.

Below you can find a list of these labels, links to their sites and some of their artists. if you run a label and are interested in collaborating with us please drop us an email.

5 Missions More - Visit website
This London based independent publisher is quickly making a name for themselves as they build up a super respected repertoire of writers and artists. Now with 26 artists onboard, it wont be long til they become a household name. Artists: Hiatus, the Lodge, Laura J Martin, Examples of Twelves
A Future Without... - Visit website
Rapidly expanding multi-genre label with an excellent and progressive A+R. Based in London but with a fully international roster of young talented musicians, Artists: EMU, Throwing Snow, Pilote, Will, Hiatus
Alextronic - Visit website
Searching far and wide to bring you the best new Electronica music on cd. Alextronic are not afraid to bring out new music and have an independent stance and pioneering spirit Artists: Aassa, Alex Tronic, Binary Zero, Marvin Wilson
Altered Vibes - Visit website
UK sister label to Battersea Park Music, this is home to a range of hip hop (both instrumental and MC based), electronica and jazz. They also have a residency at fancy london scene bar Big Chill in trendy bricklane. Artists: Hundred Strong, Modaji, Roger Robinson, Gum Drop
Alternative Blueprint - Visit website
Alternative Blueprint sources the freshest underground electronic & experimental acoustic genres. The label specialises in rare and unusual instrumentation with an eclectic mix of artist genres - from glacial electronica to ragtime jazz, jungle dub and dubstep. Artists: Automated Acoustics, Optikatechniqua, Vagabond Skills, Amor Veneris, The Jive Inspector
Audiobulb - Visit website
This electronica and experimental label, based in Sheffield, is dedicated to supporting and promoting a diversity of creative and groundbreaking artists and composers from around the world. Artists: Calika, Autistici, He Can Jog, Ultre
Bomber Music - Visit website
Bomber Music is the leading punk label and music publisher in the UK. We work exclusively with punk, rockabilly, reggae and folk artists with an edge. Artists: The Skints, Jaya The Cat, Great Cynics, Graveyard Johnnys, The Roughneck Riot, The Human Project, Southport, Zipheads, Versus You, End Of Pipe, The Smoking Hearts, Random Hand
Breakin' Bread - Visit website
West London funk and hip hop label led by impresario dj/skater/graff artist Skeg have been releasing for nearly ten years and are at their 44th release. They also run a well respected club night and online radio show. Artists: Natural Self, Killer Meters, Color Climax, Rob Life, Ill Boogs
CDR - Visit website
A company that have been supporting new music in london for years and helped literally hundreds of new producers, bands and DJ's. Now they have moved into a label format and releasing some amazing music... Check it out here. Artists: Soundspecies, Aaron Jerome, Drea Parks, Phoenix Black
Central Control - Visit website
The production home of former mute artist Barry Adamson, Central Control is now label for Barry\'s new projects which includes music, books and film. Artists: Barry Adamson, Bo Mink, Matana Roberts, Stings of Consciousness.
Cookshop Records - Visit website
Established as a home for all things left of centre and electronic in 2002, Cookshop is now home to a global collective of artists. Artists: Lost Idol, La Femme, Implosion Quintet
Curve Music - Visit website
London based record & publishing company established in January 2004 whose mix of artists share their diverse musical knowledge, cultural influences and experiences on creating modern works mixing live instrumentation and technology with urban sounds from across the globe. Artists: Dr. K, Carlos Pontual, Slim Rimographia
Dancing Turtle - Visit website
Socially conscious UK indie label releasing lots of excellent electronica, folk and experimental tracks from around the world. Artists: Amycanbe, Inkliing, Burn Paper Tigers, Laura Baker
Distinctive - Visit website
With literally 100's of house and dance releases to its name Distinct'ive is a label that should be familiar to all. It has started compilations like Y4K and features some of the progressive world’s finest talent. Artists: General Midi, Chris Coco, Hybrid
Gamma Proforma - Visit website
Set up in 2000 by Irish Artist/DJ Rob Swain the label focuses on the challenging and progressive, “in it for the art” to say the least. Output has come in various forms including Hip-Hop, Rock, Abstract Jazz and Soul. Based in London (UK) with links in Edinburgh and Belfast Artists: Parsley Monkphat, Methodblack, Monosapiens, Fatalists, Audiosyncracy, Thirdshock, Tiny Casino and Old Man Of The Forest
Goin' Native - Visit website
Goin’ Native Records is a world music label producing hits from the Andes to the Tropics, from Saya to Soca. There is a great variety in their catalogue including Afro Pop, Andean, Caribbean, Floribbean, Latin and Jazz. Artists: Rohan Reid, Jojo Kuo, Jose Val, Cuarteto Folk Peru
Ho-Hum Records - Visit website
Ho Hum Records and Ho Hum Music Publishing are an independent London based record company specialising in folk and electronica, ultra-synchable music, have a listen... Artists: Custom Blue, Flotilla, Beth Hirsch, The Formula
Illicit - Visit website
Established as a cutting edge electronica and breaks label out of London, its roster includes some heavy hitters releasing their own music as well as working on big big productions. Artists: Andy Smith, Deadly Avenger, Little People
Mai Plues - Visit website
A young and dynamic london based music publishing company who have a growing diverse roster of talented artists and producers plus association to one of the worlds best recording studios. Artists: Zion Train, DefDFires, F. Lunaire, Aaron Audio, Sam Ritchie, Eon
Metal Postcards - Visit website
Super progressive and dynamic indie, dispatching underground sounds from Bondi to Brixton, Brooklyn and Beyond. This is the ultimate next generation imprint. Artists: Ollo, Swoop Swoop, DJ Foundation, The Emergency
Nuphonic - Visit website
Nuphonic Records pretty much launched the broken beats and nu-jazz scene in the mid/late 90's. Mostly any track played by the likes of Giles Peterson came from here. They are no longer releasing but we have a huge chunk of their back catalogue, lucky us...! Artists: Black Jazz Chronicles, Fug, Faze Action, Idjut Boys, Norman Jay, Anderw Weatherall
People In the Sky - Visit website
St. Albans is famous for its cathedral, and being quite near london. Not music, not til now. People in the Sky have changed that pre-conception by signing Friendly Fires (now with EMI), Plugs (on their way to Universal and Wax Stag. Ground Breakers for sure. Artists: Plugs, Wax Stag, Beppe Loda, Ghostape
Ranking Records - Visit website
Dub, dub step, breaks and electronica from this smart little london based boutique. Also home to the awesome might of the Gentlemans Dub Club! Artists: Gentlemans Dub CLub, Ruckspin, Reso, Quark, Planas
Sains - Visit website
SAIN is Wales' leading record company, reflecting the whole spectrum of Welsh music, and specializing in the work of artists and composers based in Wales. “SAIN” is the Welsh word for “sound”, and is pronounced similar to the English word “sign”. Artists: Owain Llwyd, Gwerinos, John Rodge, Gareth Bonello, Fiona Bennett
Sober and Gentle - Visit website
Pocket sized Paris based indie label packs a pretty big punch, specially since the release of the Hey Hey My My debut. Their sound oscillates around folk, pop and quirky indie. Artists: Hey Hey My My, Coccoon, Claire, So Foot, Porn Groove
Stones Throw - Visit website
US/UK Hip Hop and electronica label headed by the uber cool Peanut Butter Wolf has been releasing records in the early 90's and is now one of the most respected independent hip hop labels about. Artists: Peanut Butter Wolf, J Dilla, Madlib, James Pants
Sunday Best - Visit website
Founded in 1995 by renowned BBC radio one DJ Rob Da Bank and claiming an 'everything goes' music policy, they are now home to some super original artists, DJ's and even a highlight on the festival calendar, the Bestival. Artists: Dan Le Sac vs Scoobius Pip, Kitty Daisy and Lewis, Dub Pistols, Grand National
TAPE - Visit website
London multi-genre indie, recently set up but already with a strong diverse catalogue, and are associated with the super respected Sarm Studios where they o their recordings. Expect big things from the TAPE crew. Artists: YoMundo, Animals on Wheels, Theo Bard, Robots With Hearts
Tirk recordings - Visit website
Highly respected UK indie Tirk have been releasing critically acclaimed music for the past 3 years, their roster is eclectic and high profile. This year has already seen the release of their first compilation. Expect great things! Artists: Fujiya Miyagi, George Demure, Louei Austin, Syclops, Sugar Daddy
Tru-Thoughts - Visit website
The amazing Tru-Thoughts, whats to be said, pioneers of electro jazz, world flavours with contemporary beats, relentlessly releasing consistently amazing sounds. Its their 10th year of being this year, looking forward to another 10, hats off to Rob et al. Artists: Quantic, Alice Russell, Jumbonics, Lanu, Nostalgia 77
Wipeout Music - Visit website
Founded in 1996, Wipe Out Music works exclusively with independent artists, assisting and promoting both emerging and established talent. We represent a diverse catalogue from punk, indie, lo-fi, folk, gypsy, beat, krautrock, avant-garde, rockabilly and anything madcap! Artists: Warm Digits, Weekend Sun, Dexters, Winter North Atlantic, Urban Voodoo Machine, Stone Foundation