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(Don't) Fall Asleep At The Wheel Ledbetter
Euphoric, uplifting anthem with dynamic contrast from verse to chorus, strong piano & vocal hooks.
(Don't) Fall Asleep At The Wheel (Instrumental) Ledbetter
Euphoric, uplifting anthem. Dynamic contrast, resonating guitar and synth combine with catchy piano, vocal hooks.
...Or I May Just Dream (My Life Away) Antimc
Laid back trippy electonica beats over a Boards Of Canada soundscape.
1 Step Higher Nico Bentley
Slow head bobbing motif.
10 52 Commercial Road
a crescendo leads a slow paced moody jam into a shoegaze inspired outro.
12 Coyotes The Hole Punch Generation
A slowly unfolding narrative that mixes traditional rock elements with contemporary and fresh electronic effects.
1977 Vcheka
A moody drum heavy, rocker in 7/8 time signature
21 (twenty one) 52 Commercial Road
a string lead, heartfelt instrumental piece with interruptions of silence.
90s Music Will
Xylophone stabs are offset by a downbeat guitar melody. Noises groan throughout with spooky effects.
A Million Things - Instrumental Nectarphonic
A mid tempo song - a toe tapper that is very melodic and groovy.
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