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1 DJ sc
Atmospheric key strikes underpin a picked guitar. Percussion is heavily sampled and uses real clunking noises.
12 (Isaac Himself remix) Isaac Himself
Percussion driven experimental track which uses pianos and effects heavily.
1978 Sparky Smith
A very minimalist, laid back track which brings together soft, plucked guitar and and deep bass.
2tractravels Abel Okugawa
A bare melody and frosty percussive effects lead into a deeply moody and jilted beat.
Adele Rafiralfiro
Eastern influences in instrumentation and chanting are the backbone to the looping big beat electronic forefront.
AFI James Pants
Minimal funky bass and beats are contrasted with a sweeping string sample.
Around Fye Nite
An R&B/Hip Hop style beat with heavy bass line and catchy, soulful vocal hook. 105 BPM.
Arrive Sparky Smith
Big, powerful looping drums blast through a soft jazzy backing band. Strong, female vocals sooth their way through the music.
Arsenic Cuttooth
Very simple drum loop based track. A driving beat with dark synths.
Bitches Brew Yesterdays Universe
A dub influenced bass bounces through piping flutes and jazz-y drums.
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