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Green Dolphins Lost Idol
Groovy, uplifting Nu Jazz electronica. Breakbeats infused with jazz trumpet and piano.
Lament Lost Idol
Ambient relaxed chill out feat. sampled male/female vocal loop, bass and jazz trumpet.
...Or I May Just Dream (My Life Away) Antimc
Laid back trippy electonica beats over a Boards Of Canada soundscape.
1779 Harky
A violin loop is backed up by a heavy beat, and then it gets cut up into a frenzied mix.
1977 Vcheka
A moody drum heavy, rocker in 7/8 time signature
6.8.1801 Iglomat
A slow burner with a laid back positive vibe that builds to a big finish.
99 DJ sc
Piano and vocal samples flirt around a looping dub beat.
A Break For Rain Lost Idol
Trippy chill out opening building into energetic steady breaks and beatz mashed up with loop vocs and percussion and sitar break.
A Million Questions Wave Dweller
A bassy, percussive electronic track, combining electric guitar riffs with computerised synths.
A New Path Harky
A heavy beat with some dirty synths and vocal and an experimental feel.
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