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... Is Fading (Feu Follet Remix) Papercutz
A deeply cosmic synth voyage with inherent connotations of space and the future.
01 Encantamento Papercutz
A tranquil ambient piece that features the gentle interaction of Piano and Marimba.
1Murmor1 Will
Heavily distorted drums play a minimal rhythm throughout as ambient effects and additional light percussion adds flourishes of colour.
2 DJ sc
A heartbeat drum line loops under synths that enter and leave like waves.
3 Point Play (Set Piece) Kesser
A minimal piano line loops while drums and bass are introduced. Ambient noises add to the mellow mood.
5ft.2 Will
A piano and ambient sounds build up to create a large, atmospheric, crescendo. Samples are used to give the track an organic quality.
90s Music Will
Xylophone stabs are offset by a downbeat guitar melody. Noises groan throughout with spooky effects.
Aegean Journey Dai Watts
Gentle, lilting ambient electronica soundtrack with light, distinctive Duduk melody.
Airport Robbery Diarmo
avante garde piece of electronica, experimental use of sounds.
Amble Memotone
Electronic loops of drums and synths build up while vocal samples harmonise and create a rich texture.
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