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(Don't) Fall Asleep At The Wheel (Instrumental) Ledbetter
Euphoric, uplifting anthem. Dynamic contrast, resonating guitar and synth combine with catchy piano, vocal hooks.
10th of October SKREA
Instrumental track, piano led with minimal percussion and a Kavinsky style synth bass, building tension
17 Street Party In Soho
Upbeat indie pop with catchy male vocals and guitar riffs, it'll make you want to dance!
17 (Instrumental) Street Party In Soho
Upbeat instrumental indie-pop track with catchy guitar riffs and dancing drum beat
1A Stereosexuality Sawoff Shotgun
Guitar-driven electropop with a frisky catchphrase.
40 Days Jefferson
Lovely backing vocals give this track a rich texture with nicely jamming guitar too.
A Regular Basis Sawoff Shotgun
An uptempo feel good factor tune delivered by three girls backed with heavy synths and bursts of horn.
A Smile Is Not A Sign Tom Corneill
Happy contemporary pop song with folky male vocals and acoustic guitar
Accoustic Beginnings Opium Flirt
Acoustic guitars set the mood for driving drums and memorable sing-a-long melody
Ace Like Space kid carpet
Funny lyrics from the lo fi pop king.
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