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Birdhouse 1 Matana Roberts
Effectively a jazz duet featuring two saxophones playing off and jaming with each other.
Hear My Song Louie Austen
Fusion of jazz styles with modern beat sampling and vocals.
03 Track Examples Of Twelves
An easy, almost lounge groove gives way to arhythmic chaos, before coming back.
04 Track Examples Of Twelves
Abstract string and cello opening to gentle cool jazz shuffle with brass, trumpet, drums
05 Track Examples Of Twelves
Sombre and poignant contemporary jazz. Brass feature. Building brass and piano stabs.
06 Track Examples Of Twelves
Minimal string ensemble opening, woodwind and brass layers, light piano and double bass with saxophone. Noir.
07 Track Examples Of Twelves
Driving electric guitar jazz expanding to slow brass and piano jazz
1978 Sparky Smith
A very minimalist, laid back track which brings together soft, plucked guitar and and deep bass.
8pm Train StUpor
Cut n paste style jazz breaks with an atmospheric cinematic feel.
A Southwind Blew Blanchard/Reynolds
Soothing, jazzy flutes and pianos meander over shuffling conga beats, creating a chilled out tropical sensation.
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