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106 and Park It Chiller Scheme
A kick heavy catchy TV style track with good vibes and synth accents.
1779 Harky
A violin loop is backed up by a heavy beat, and then it gets cut up into a frenzied mix.
2 for the bass Covershocks
Banging funky drums, filtered funk sounds and guitars. Instrumental Soundtrack
3 Drunk Musicians Up, Bustle and Out
Instrumental world jazz hip hop featuring sax and percussion
Smooth jazzy hip hop instrumental, entirely composed with 2 alto saxophones, a piano and a bass.
42 Ghost
Reverby electric guitar and synth create a planetary feel, with male rapping.
50 cent Prince. No doubt about that. Greg Brimson
Sexy party hip hop track with funky electric guitar riff and moody bass line
500cc Revolutionary Up, Bustle and Out
A grinding track combining dark male vocals with dirty bass and heavy drums.
80's Hip Hop 1 Turreekk
Smooth, chill and mellow sounding 80's inspired hiphop beat
80db window soundspecies
An unusual track with poetic male vocals describing psychedelic musical interpretations.
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