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Artic Floors Arturo Capone
Funky electro layered with textured psychedelic synths.
Air Force One Jon Kennedy (Anatoly Ice Remix)
Smooth male vocals lead this track accompanied by guitar, bass and percussion.
All Right Opium Flirt
Spacey futuristic sounding funk track with evolving textures and slap bass
An Introduction the broken keys
A teaser of a track with an almost continuous drum roll, and funk guitar.
Another plan Filipsson and Lindblad
An epic unfolding tableau of laid back funky beats and soothing waves of synth.
Anvil Beat Opium Flirt
A dynamic, mid-tempo electro funk track. A beat made from junkyard metal items featuring funky guitar work.
Ask the Crowd Mark Gordon
A full mix with funky guitar, horn stabs and even some hammond organ.
Baby Please Mark Gordon
Guitars and piano hold down a funk groove with a snarling synth riffing over top.
Batidas Latinas (remix) Color Climax
Electro Funk with dirty 70's crunched wah guitar, latin flavoured vocals. Upbeat funky groove.
Best Summer Ever Opium Flirt
Funky, upbeat and piano-led groove with a strong bass
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