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$500 Car Ben Juneau
Country and Western feel. Tongue in cheek assessment of a broken heart.
A Little Faith Ben Juneau
Relaxed feel contemporary Country music with a powerful male vocal.
All That Glitters Brian Irwin
Starts with Beach Boys style a capella harmonies and turns into a driving alt country beat.
Angel In The Snow Brian Irwin
Acoustic guitar based americana song with lonely harmonica.
Bear Song Walton Hesse
Driving bright Alternative country guitar track with organ and guitar solo
Bottle O' Booze Brian Irwin
Harmonica and acoustic guitar drive this mid tempo upbeat country song.
Broken Down Man Ben Juneau
Strong guitar and vocals craft an apprehensive ballad.
Christmas In LA Brian Irwin
Acoustic guitars with a solid country drum beat and pedal steel guitar.
Christmas Time Is For Giving Captain Harry
Mid paced rock, Christmas based lyrics, male vocals, child choir backing vocals, positive feel
Danse De La Limonade Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra
A song heavily influenced by Cajun music with the accordion playing the main hook of the song.
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