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B.B King You Wrote My Life Tom Hall
Melancholic blues track with male vocals, electric guitar, percussion and organ
Bertolt Staggers Down The Hall Dez Paradise
Unsettling distorted electric guitar riff over loose backing of asmatic harmonium and double bass.
Blues in A Jean Paul Borg
A Jazz like composition that is very down tempo and minimal however powerful
Caribbean Cowboy Captain Harry
Country rock, 12 Bar blues guitar and piano riffs, male vocal, upbeat song
Dirty 7 string Blues Greg Brimson
Muddy blues rock with an electronic edge
Harp Love (Original) Jack Baker Trio
A fun track with great harmonica set against shakers and bells, just for a laugh.
Have A Cigar Captain Harry
Blues rock based, medium paced, 12 bar blues with prominent harmoica and piano
I Got The Blues Arjun Chawda
A bright and breezy pop/urban influenced jazz/blues track filled with summer vibes.
Jake You Fool Why Do I Love You streaky jake
A jazzy blues track with understated vocals and some really nice guitar licks.
King Laugh Automated Acoustics
smoky quirky catchy blues/funk/jazz hybrid with shifting rhythms & deep lyrics about overcoming adversity
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