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Chiming synths and lots of interesting percussion sounds combine to make a blissful track.
... Is Fading (Feu Follet Remix) Papercutz
A deeply cosmic synth voyage with inherent connotations of space and the future.
01 Encantamento Papercutz
A tranquil ambient piece that features the gentle interaction of Piano and Marimba.
04 Strap Up The Hole Punch Generation
A brooding post rock number featuring dynamic off-kilter drums and subtle droning vocals.
12 Coyotes The Hole Punch Generation
A slowly unfolding narrative that mixes traditional rock elements with contemporary and fresh electronic effects.
15 Minutes Of Fame Centrefolds
Electro-rock anthem with a catchy chorus featuring male vocals and 80s synths
17 in love tusk Tusk
Lots of spacial delayed instruments creates a beautiful sonic melange.
1977 Vcheka
A moody drum heavy, rocker in 7/8 time signature
1Murmor1 Will
Heavily distorted drums play a minimal rhythm throughout as ambient effects and additional light percussion adds flourishes of colour.
2 Quarters Make Half A Smile CALIKA
Simple guitar riffs give an acoustic flavour before a funky beat drops all of a sudden.
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