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Drive into the night swoop swoop
Murmured male vocals are supported by a solid beat and picked and strummed guitars.
Fissure Reprise Neu Gestalt
An understated track with really soft beat and swooping synths.
For real swoop swoop
Steady guitar strumming, tight steady drum kit and slick solos ride behind a male vocalists.
Honey you gotta be tough swoop swoop
Soft male vocals combine with some synth sounds, before a beat drops and picks things up.
I do swoop swoop
A melancholy sort of country with happy lyrics and a less happy vibe, and great guitar.
I know what to do with myself swoop swoop
Melancholy, almost desperate male vocals infuse country instrumentation with a fresh sound.
In the Indian Ocean swoop swoop
A bittersweet song about maritime adventures. Flowing country style guitar and vocals lead to a emotive build up.
Its Spring swoop swoop
A soothing ballad of soft strumed guitars, piano solos and laid back male vocals.
Sean Gormans Dream no123 swoop swoop
Mellow country guitar accompanies some understated male vocals, with backing vocals.
Swan river swoop swoop
A minimal and downbeat track accompanied by warm guitar and tambourine.
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