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Awake Proof of Concept
Jazz infused warm downtempo electronica
Belle Journee Pour Les Reveurs Proof of Concept
Fully orchestral and cinematic jazz and electronica track. Positive and uplifting.
Cacophony Proof of Concept
Electronic jazz track featuring strings and drums
Learning Curve Proof of Concept
Glitchy electronica meets harmonic acoustic instrumentation. Beautiful instrumental track.
Me One You None Proof of Concept
Dynamic positive electronic track featuring acoustic instruments and glitchy effects.
Me One You None Reprise Proof of Concept
Reprise for a small orchestra and piano
Object Of Desire Proof of Concept
Electro-jazz loaded, fragmented and layered with string elements.
Product Of Experience Proof of Concept
Jazz and folk infused glitchy electronica.
Somthing Delicious Proof of Concept
Sweet jazz oriented downtempo electronica
View From Above (Original Mix) Proof of Concept
Building, rich and dynamic folk/jazz electronica. Uplifting and featuring strings, beats and electronics.
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