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A Portrait Of Autumn jon kennedy
A blissed out track with lovely guitar sounds and synths, over a playful beat.
A Sure thing jon kennedy
A very understated track with pulsing synths and a distant, airy beat.
Air Force One Jon Kennedy (Anatoly Ice Remix)
Smooth male vocals lead this track accompanied by guitar, bass and percussion.
Air Force One (Slipery Jack Remix) Jon Kennedy
Upbeat, electronica and full of interesting synths and beats.
Air Force One feat Andre Espeut Jon Kennedy
Fast moving beat with smooth shakers and bass leading the way plus a warm male voice adding the soul to the track.
All A Dream jon kennedy
Some mellow, evocative saxophone blows with flair over chilled out rhodes organ.
any road up jon kennedy
A blissed out track with nice guitar and uplifting synth riffs.
Basic Dialogues jon kennedy
A slightly spooky track with ice cream van synth sounds and children playing.
Blow Keys jon kennedy
Soft warm basslines flow with pad sample synths which sit aside reverbed drums and analogue sounding guitar sounds. Soft, light and airy.
Blue Light Jon Kennedy
Chilled out track driven by consistent and slightly offbeat drums plus a soulful and bluesy male voice.
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