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Belle & Julian hey hey my my
An easy track with sweet guitar riffs and a happy-go-lucky feel.
California Wine hey hey my my
A heavy track with a full band sound, catchy chorus and nice backing vocals.
Celia hey hey my my
A simple groove marches slowly on, with vocals that build tension, and distorted guitar later on.
Christmas Day hey hey my my
A lazy groove with haunting synth sounds, snarling electric guitar and striking male vocals.
Close your Eyes hey hey my my
An easy track with tinkling guitars, strumming backing, and nice male vocals.
Don't Sell Me Now hey hey my my
A catchy track with snarling male vocals, strumming guitar and an upbeat feel.
Easy hey hey my my
Great lyrics carry this tune, with nice picked guitar and a live feel.
Go To Hell Hey Hey My My
Deep pounding synth bass, tremolo guitar strumming and distorted solos weave a tune full of verve and excitement.
Groove Combat Hey Hey My My
A heavy voyage of rebellious attitude and teenage angst supplemented with the necessary distorted guitars and casual vocals.
Hopeless Girl Hey Hey My My
An autobiographical song that explains the development of the band through a quaint and poetic narrative.
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