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Babylon architeq
A big, raucous track with loads going on and party vibes.
Birds Of Dub (Architeq Version) Architeq
Heavy Dub Step track with the classic deep bass, tape delay and heavy echo effect drums and guitars.
Birds Of Prey Architeq
Cosmic/electronic hiphop with a HEAVY 70's dub influence.
Birds Of Prey (Debruit Remix) Architeq
Off kilter drum patterns and thick electro synths dominate this track.
Birds Of Prey (Fulgeance Emotronical Mix) Architeq
Mash up of hip hop and mixed up electronica.
Birds Of Prey (Jackhigh Remix) Architeq
Heavy layers of fluttering pad samples, hip hop beats and soft mellow bass rhythms.
Birds Of Prey (Kelpe Remix) Architeq
Layers of electronic sampling using hand claps, electro synths and pads, tape delay and a constant flowing rhythm.
Dark Matter (An Interlude) architeq
A chaotic track with weird, distorted sounds at the foreground, and a fat beat behind.
Downstairs Dubbing (Architeq Remix) Skintologists
Leftfield disco and cinematic ambience combine in this revered remix.
Fox Tails architeq
A laid-back track with swelling synth sounds that are somehow reminiscent of horns.
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