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... a dream resource for any media producer, film maker, ad creative, music user.  Right here you will find music from some of the world’s most respected independent labels, producers and composers cherry picked by Record-Play, and all available to license on a very very affordable fixed rate card.

We have a huge range of sounds, genres, instrumentation, artists, labels and its growing daily.  Have a browse, if you can’t find what you’re looking for we can help so get in touch.

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ski's - Atomic Ski's, probably the most respected ski brand anywhere use the hub to soundtrack some kick ass clips.... skateboards - check out The Big Push.... a nice skate film that just happens to use a choice track from Andrew Coleman. you can see it in our Showreel.What where when? - Where have we been? Working, thats where. We hit 5k tracks, all hand picked and hand indexed, for you, yes you! We have had a reem of syncs, from apps to youtube clips. New work in the showreel section. We are all about updating the site, v2 mega hub on its way.29.11.10 - Werewolves, Cyprus, adidas, Travelex, plus an entire soundtrack

A pretty big autumn in terms of licenses here at the Hub with around 45 licenses cleared, most interesting of which has been the soundtrack to the brand new climbing film from Big Up Productions. Cant wait to see it and will be linking videos soon. Some interesting other clearances including soundtrack for a screening of Amercian werewolf in London...

21.07.10 - Mircosoft 3 - adidas 7

10 lovely new jobs rolling in mid way through July to add to the ever growing list of syncs, this time all online and all good. Check out Recent work section soon!

13.04.10 - - Licenses and Labels...

New licenses
Its been a cracking 2 months since the last news post, in this time we have seen a swell in use with some great new licenses, from mexican football websites to new car commercials keeping us busy. We are working on some new site features which should be ready mid spring.

Coming back from midem and finally getting through all the paperwork means us welcoming yet more excellent labels, their artists and their catalogue, we are just finalising contracts and will be posting a list of partners in the next few days

29.01.10 - - Midem / Press...

Well, just back from a trip to Midem, Cannes, the Millionaires playground (former), recovered and it seems that it was a worthwhile trips with lots of new labels coming on board the Hub. Thanks to all at the British Music Stand for the hard work and see you next year, maybe.

Nice little bit of press on the site, a site all about brands, branding and marketing. You can, if you fancy it, read the story here:

21.12.09 - In the news / new work...

We've been finding ourselves in the news and press, reporting on our fresh and well received approach to licensing, just wanted to thank all the guys at UKTI for helping push our name around 'state-side'.

A hectic flurry of activity throughout last week saw some last minute frantic licenses and clearances, mostly with our friends at adidas. 2010 is shaping up to be a big one with lots more in the pipeline.
16.12.09 - More labels, more licenses, more more more....

we welcome Ho Hum, CDR, Ranking and TAPE, bringing some excellent new artists and sounds to our expanding catalogue... nice.

Some exciting new licenses as we build up to the football world cup, so keep an eye out for the showreel content coming soon.
09.10.09 -
The pace is on the up, another BIG WEEK on the sourcing and clearances front, with a total of 12, yes twelve licenses in just one week.

First up we have Skods, followed by the University of Western Scotland and finally our good pals at Big Up Productions licenses a chunk for the soundtrack of their latest climbing DVD, Progressions.

We have a huge amount of new content coming your way, more on that and showreel content soon....
21.07.09 -
Happy to announce a healthy end of week last week as we broke all records and cleared 9 licenses in one day! So, well done to Stones Throw, The Little People, Niqo and the Lodge.

In other news we will be uploading a batch of new content in the next few weeks, plus new footage for the showreel.
16.06.09 -
We just hit a big self imposed milestone, three thousand fully indexed and immediately licensable tracks hosted on the Hub. NIce!! Hoping to double this by the Autumn, though its a pretty labour intensive task... watch this space.

In other equally monumentally monumental news we shall be uploading some gnarley new sync clips to our showreel, from climbing to basketball.
26.05.09 -
See the button there beside NEWS, it says RECENT WORK? Click it, yes, its videos of our recent work for you to look at with your eyes.

In other news, we have recently added some tracks from the illustrious and really very famous Phil Hartnoll, keeping him company is Fluid Ounce and some very good (quote) blissed out liquid funk from Subway (on Sunday Best).
18.05.09 -
Starting this week and running for the next 5 weeks we will be giving away a downloadable weekly music sampler.

This week it features 12 tracks from Tirk, Tru Thoughts, Sunday Best, Mai Plues and People in the Sky.

Email us at info@record-play to receive this weeks download link.
11.05.09 -
So, big news for us, and something we have been holding out for, super respected Brighton based indie TRU-THOUGHTS are onboard, bringing with them their delightful funk, soul hip hop and fusion. We are thrilled, thanks to Trevor in the licensing dept for all his help. You can already find TM Juke on the site now, so go and have a listen.

Joining Tru Thoughts is London based, mostly electronic label DANCING TURTLE.. Thanks for coming.

08.04.09 -
New guest editors choice from our friend Architeq, he has chosen some nice glitchy tracks from label mates and contemporaries.

We also have new licenses from Reebok, adidas and Tubelines...
31.03.09 -
Music from the Hub was recently used on a UK indie film called Shifty, you can watch the trailer here
06.03.09 -
Its been a busy week for the Hub, we have had synch's with adidas, Skoda and a really nice one for a UK indie film called Shifty.

New labels involved Metal Postcards and Alextronic. More announcements soon....!
20.02.09 -
To everyone who joined us for the launch party last night. We had a great time and really appreciated that you came along. Also, thanks to Theo Bard, Head and Neck Sessions and Architeq for their outstanding sets. Thanks too to beer and wine who were also there, pitching in selflessly.
04.02.09 -
We extend a warm welcome to 2 fine electronic labels. First, from Sheffield we have Audiobulb, respected for its experimental and ambient output. And secondly Hyperdub, the renouned Dubstep label belonging to Kode 9, who first unearthered mercury nominated artist Burial. Browse around to find releases from both labels here.
06.01.09 -
We are gearing up for our launch party, on the 19th February in Soho, if you want to come email We can confirm that there will be free beer (and wine).
22.12.08 -
The Hub was used for sourcing and licensing the soundtrack for a Beckham interview. Go to search, type in Artificial Lakes and have a listen to the music used.
16.12.08 -
Rob Da Banks' Sunday Best label, Curve Music and Eye Industries all confirm their inclusion in the Hub.
7.12.08 -
Today we signed up our 50th composer. All have begun providing tracks that can be heard here.
1.12.08 -
The Hub will launch with music from some of the worlds most respected independent labels, including Output, Stones Throw, Illicit and Tirk.
Client Project #NEOsneakpeek
Short Description adidas ask you to find the sneak peeks of Selena Gomez's collection online, soundtracked by Modfunk's 'Timeshifter'.

Client Project Leo Messi and Friends - adidas Football
Short Description Team Messi brings you a never before seen look behind the scenes at Leo Messi and his friends (some of the worlds best players).

Client Project adidas by Stella McCartney FW13
Short Description The launch of the new adidas by stella McCartney barricade shoe and range for FW13 Grand Slams.

Client Project adidas Retail
Short Description Launching the new CyberFit Interactive fitting room. Soon in an adidas shop near you!

Client Project adidas Italy
Short Description adidas Italy launch their latest champions leage ad with 'when you dead' by wow

Client Project Panasonic
Short Description Great track by Mia Vigar introducing the brand new LUMIX DMC-XS1

Client Project Lenovo
Short Description Great intro for the amazing new touch screen PC from Lenovo, featuring Demons by the Word

Client Project Lenovo
Short Description Introducing the new Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 & Z500 with great track by the Graveyard Johnnys

Client Project atomic skis
Short Description for this years season Atomic Skis use Interpret by Entroponic.... good choice

Client Project the big push
Short Description tickle by andrew coleman gets some use right here.

Client Project Big Up Productions - Reel Rock
Short Description The 2011 REEL ROCK Film Tour brings together the year's best climbing and adventure flicks.

Client Project adidas skateboard
Short Description adidas team entry for the annual big push skate video competition. check out details here:

Client Project adidas - outdoor
Short Description Ghost soundtracks this epic little climbing vid from adidas outdoor. Looks cold.

Client Project American Werewolf in London
Short Description Music for a screening, atmospheric! track Alone Together artist Thomas-Adam Habuda

Client Project adidas - Gerrard
Short Description A. Theory gets some use on an online doc about football boots

Client Project adidas - Predator X
Short Description A behind the scenes look at the making of a massive great big commercial

Client Project Progression, Big Up Productions
Short Description Big Up's latest release, featuring 6 tracks from artists on the hub... Get yourself a copy of the film here:

Client Project adidas - super 7
Short Description Tyson Gay talking about how / why he is so very quick...

Client Project adidas - super 7
Short Description Jeremy Warnier shows us how to sprint along to Oh No - Bell Bounce 1

Client Project
Metrodome FIlms / Shifty Trailer
Short Description
We placed Tom Tom by My Federation on the trailer for this new UK Independent film.

Client Project
University Of Western Scotland / TV ad
Short Description
We placed this track by the Lodge in a TV ad for the University of Western Scotland..

Client Project
adidas / David Beckham interview
Short Description
adidas used this track from Tim Ineson as the backing soundtrack for this Beckham interview.

Client Project
Tube Lines / Awards
Short Description
Tube Lines chose this My Federation track for the soundtrack to their film about the northern line.

Client Project
Skoda / Spray Gun
Short Description
Skoda developed an interactive site for their new Fabia range. They used a Mr Kojak track as the soundtrack.

Bomber Music

Bomber Music is the leading punk label and music publisher in the UK. They work exclusively with punk, rockabilly, reggae and folk artists with an edge.
Asphalt Crazy Arm
Here Come The Drums Jaya The Cat
Ignorance Is Easy - Instrumental The Roughneck Riot
Revenge Zipheads
Ring Ring The Skints
Unconditional Love - Instrumental Jaya The Cat
Ready To Roll Graveyard Johnny